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Science and faith



If we move from such personal accounts of the ways in which people perceive God acting in their lives to a cosmic perspective, different churches take varying views about the origins of matter, of life and of mankind. Science has obviously taught us much about the age of the universe but has no explanation of how matter was originally created out of nothing at all. Science believes it has found – in Darwinian evolution – a satisfactory explanation of the diversity of life but it has much less to say about the movement from a completely sterile universe to one that is teeming with life. And science has, and will surely always have, nothing to say about why there should be anything at all: some may think it has edged towards answering the question “how am I here?” but it is surely struck dumb if asked to explain “why am I here?”. Christians know why we are here and few would quibble with the Catholic summary that man exists “because God has created him through love, and through love continues to hold him in existence” (CCC 27).



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