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Age of reason?




It is by no means clear that most people in the west have truly abandoned belief in the supernatural in our scientific age. Some individuals do, of course, perceive religious belief to be irrational and thus, at least for educated people, rather extraordinary.


The Christian claim is more extraordinary still, of course, to believe in a God who made the vast universe and yet was prepared to humble Himself to share in our humanity, who was willing to die because He loved and loves us so much. As Christians in an increasingly secular and multi-faith world, it is right that we should at least be ready in some way to explain why we hold such improbable-seeming beliefs.


Nobody, of course, can prove the existence of God. In the same way, atheist scientists such as Richard Dawkins do not claim to prove that there is no God. Dawkins, though, refers to the analogy put forward by Bertrand Russell of whether there is a teapot in orbit around Mars. You cannot prove that there is no such teapot, so technically you are always agnostic on the matter. Nevertheless, as the argument goes, any thinking person will conclude that the chances of there being such an orbiting teapot are so small that for all practical purposes it is safe to conclude that it is not there. By implication, no sane person can profess a religious belief in this great age of reason. In the light of such attitudes, the following paragraphs contain a brief summary of some of the problems that a modern atheist has to overcome.



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