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Delia Smith



Dates: born 18 June 1941

Nationality: British

Occupation: Cook, author, TV presenter.


Delia Smith converted to the Catholic Church at the age of 22, having been influenced by a boyfriend who, subsequently, became a priest. Delia takes her faith seriously, reputedly attending Mass daily, speaking at Catholic conferences and writing. Although best known for her cookery books, she is also author of three books on Catholic themes (A Feast for Advent, A Feast for Lent and A Journey into God, the last being a full-length book on prayer).



Comments on converting to Catholicism


My beliefs haven’t changed over the years, but they have grown. They have become more important.”


“You have to think what being is a Christian is all about. And if we think being misunderstood is bad, what is that next to what happened to Christ? ... He coped with ridicule and misunderstanding every day.”