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Malcolm Muggeridge



Dates: 24 March 1903 – 14 November 1990

Nationality: English

Occupation: Journalist, author, TV presenter, satirist


Muggeridge was a journalist and author who had studied natural sciences at Cambridge. An agnostic for most of his life, he gained a Christian faith in his 60s and gazed into the Catholic Church from outside before converting, with his wife Kitty, at the age of 79. Mother Teresa was one of the great influences on him and he, in his turn, brought her more fully to the attention of the western world.


Comments on Catholicism


“The only Church I would join is the Roman Catholic Church, which I have a sort of insane love for.”


“It was the Catholic Church's firm stand against contraception and abortion which finally made me decide to become a Catholic ... The Church's stand is absolutely correct. It is to its eternal honour that it opposed contraception, even if the opposition failed. I think, historically, people will say it was a very gallant effort to prevent a moral disaster.”


“Our entry into the Church is settled, which gives me, not so much exhilaration as a deep peace; to quote my own words: A sense of homecoming, of picking up the threads of a lost life, of responding to a bell that had long been ringing, of taking a place at a table that had long been vacant.”



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