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Eve Lavalliere



Dates: 1 April 1866 to 10 July 1929

Nationality: French

Occupation: Actress



Not technically a convert, Eve (real name Eugenie Fenoglio) was born into a violent family. Her alcoholic father eventually killed her mother and Eve herself escaped only narrowly.


Gaining an entry into the world of the Parisian stage, Eve became very rich and completely abandoned herself to a debauched life. Her conversion came about through the influence of a country priest.





“All my being and all my will are turned toward this last end: to love God, Who loves me so much in spite of my past and present miseries.”


Towards the end of her life, Eve suffered a great deal from medical ill health (having long before given away all her wealth). The following exchange took place between Eve and a Parisian journalist:


"Do you suffer a lot?"

"Yes, horribly," she responded.

"Have you any hope of being cured?"

"None. But I am so happy! You cannot imagine how great my happiness is."

"Even with so much suffering?"

"Yes, and because of it. I am in God’s hands. Tell my friends of days gone by that you met the happiest person on earth."


On her gravestone, she had the following words written:


“I left everything for God; He alone is enough. O Thou Who didst create me, have pity on me.”


Further resources


Eve’s moving conversion story is told at http://www.michaeljournal.org/lavalliere.htm





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