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Scott Hahn



Dates: Born 28 October 1957

Nationality: American

Occupation: author, theologian, professor, apologist


Scott Hahn was a Presbyterian minister and theologian with a deep hostility to the Catholic Church. In one of his books he recounts how he ripped to pieces the rosary that he inherited from his grandmother, his only Catholic relative, praying that God should deliver her from the chains of Catholicism that had bound her.


Hahn describes in Rome Sweet Home the journey he – and later his wife – took into the Catholic Church.


He has since become one of the great Catholic apologists of our time, writing on a wide range of topics with great insights and an attractive and accessible style. He also appears regularly on the Catholic TV network, EWTN.



Comments on converting to Catholicism


“It is only by the most amazing grace of God that we could ever have found our way home.”


“The journey began as a detective story, but soon it became more like a horror story, until it finally ended up as a great romance story – when Christ unveiled his Bride, the Church.”


“[I was] drawn inexorably by the truth of one doctrine after another.”



Further resources


The book Rome Sweet Home is a must-read for any would-be convert. But Hahn’s writings on more specific aspects of Catholicism are also essential reading for Catholics and aspiring Catholics alike. A full list of Hahn’s books can be found here.