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Christopher Dawson



Dates: 1889 to 1970

Nationality: English

Occupation: author, historian, academic


Dawson was a scholar and author on history and Christian topics. Educated at Winchester College and Trinity College, Cambridge. He edited the Dublin Review and taught Roman Catholic studies at Harvard.


His conversion to Catholicism was in the face of great opposition from his staunchly Protestant mother and his devout Anglo-Catholic sister.


Comments on converting to Catholicism


“It was by the study of St Paul and St John that I first came to understand the fundamental unity of Catholic theology and the Catholic life. I realised that the Incarnation, the sacraments, the external order of the Church and the internal work of sanctifying grace, were all parts of one organic unity, a living tree whose roots are in the Divine nature and whose fruit is the perfection of the saints.”



Further resources


Dawson’s conversion story is one of many told in Literary Converts by Joseph Pearce, published by Harper Collins.