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Thank you for visiting this site.


I am a professional author, and Catholic convert, living in Chester, England. I have created this site simply to share with anyone who is interested some of what I have come to learn about the Catholic faith. It is truly “good news” – too good to keep to oneself.


Any comments on the site are most welcome, and I will reply if possible. Please email raychidell@gmail.com


Some of the material on the site is copied or adapted from my book Why Catholic?, available from Amazon or direct from me. The recommended price is £6 (incl. p&p for the UK) for a single copy but I discount this in cases of need or if multiple copies are required. In practice, many copies are given away, so if you are genuinely interested, please just ask. The book can also be downloaded in electronic format here for just $0.99:




The contents of Why Catholic? are as follows:


1.   Why Christian?

2.   Why Church?

3.   Authority

4.   Scripture

5.   Tradition

6.   The Eucharist and the Mass

7.   Reconciliation

8.   Mary

9.   Saints

10. That they all may be one




Email is my preferred method of contact but you can also write to me at:


Ray Chidell

6 Grosvenor Park Road






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